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London Displays Dazzling Array of Residences—from Towering Docklands Skyscraper to Iconic Riverside Power Station

London has been expanding for centuries, but right now, property developments are taking advantage of some exciting core themes, including land reclamation, the revitalization of historic properties, new buildings taking their cue from the old, and the renaissance of the garden.


Battersea, London: Where an Industrial Past Meets a Refined Future

Once a haven of railways and factories, Battersea is undergoing a transformation into a trendy neighborhood with eye-catching architecture by the likes of Norman Foster and Frank Gehry, a smorgasbord of cultural activities, and more.

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London Is Europe’s Best City for Investing; Bon Jovi Seeks $22M for Manhattan Condominium

Plus: Park Slope’s historic condominium conversion debuts; and a condo sets a record in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood.


What To Know Before Investing in London Property

LX Collection speaks to Luther Yeates, senior finance broker for Clifton Private Finance, who specializes in UK property finance for non-British buyers.

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